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Danny the dog: From dog to human

This memorable film starring Morgan Freeman and Jet Li starts really confusion but all the pieces will combine in the end of the plot.

Filmed in 2005 by the director and written by the scriptwriter Luc Besson this plot tell us the tragic story of Danny.
Danny (Jet Li), a dogsbody was raised by an bookmaker (Bob Hoskins) to be his watch-dog.
Danny have this flashes about his childhood in which he sees his mother been murdered by a man but the face of the man is never clear, it's a blur.
Despite of all his terrible and violent training to be a watch dog he still have a kind side.

In one occasion Danny's owner is invited as a guest in a gambling figth and he discovers that Danny can make him gain a lot of money participating on the clandestine bussines figth.
When they're going back home a car accident occurs and Danny's sees the opportunity to run away from his evil owner. An old man finds him. Danny is scared but he notes that the man is blind and kind with him. The old man named Sam (Morgan Freeman), a musician that works as a piano tuner take him to where he lives with his daughter. When Sam plays the piano, the music brings Memories of Danny's mother because she used to play piano very well.

This plot makes us think about the Rousseau's theory, the man is bad for
himself or his the product of his society?
The mix between classical music and violence makes this movie atractive for action fans as well as drama fans.

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